This imagesubjectSoul Baby
This imagetitleBradenton Regatta
This imagehasTagSkyBound Canine Entertainment
This imagehasTagSkyBound Canines
This imagehasTagFrisbee dogs
This imagehasTagFreestyle Frisbee dogs
This imagehasTagdogs catching frisbees
This imagehasTagdisc dogs
This imagehasTagdog show
This imagehasTagperforming dogs
This imagehasTagperforming disc dogs
This imagehasTagperforming Frisbee Dogs
This imagehasTaghigh flying frisbee dogs.
This imagecommentAustralian Shepard mix. Soul Baby is performing a frisbee trick with her trainer, Todd Duncan. Both Todd and Soul Baby are part of a show called, SkyBound Canine Entertainment
This imageshowsdisc dog
This imagehasSettinga festival
This imagehasInBackgroundan audience
This imageDateCreated2015-02-07
This imagecreatorMichelle Harrell