This imagesubjectMargaret on Bulldozer circa 1966
This imagetitleDetermination
This imagecommentMargaret Warren playing on the bulldozer, parked behind the apartments, she lived in with her parents. This was taken in Murray KY around 1966. The story goes that one day her parents could not find her at all for quite some time as she had 'wandered off'. Thankfully, they did find her and she said she had been playing on the bulldozer. Later, Earl asked Margaret to show him what she was doing when she was playing on the bulldozer and he made this photo.
This imagedepictsMargaret Warren
This imageshowsbulldozer
This imageconveysplay
This imageconveysdetermination
This imageshowstoddler
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This imageshowsToddler which isDrivingA bulldozer
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This imageDateCreated1966
This imagelocationCollege Courts
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This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagetechniquePhoto_film_techniques
This imageStateKY
This imageCountryUSA
This imageCityMurray
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.
This imagehasSceneLocationMurray, Kentucky