This imagetitleDennis Walker and Hot Rod, Columbus KY
This imagecommentDennis Walker and his dog, Hot Rod, rest on the porch of his home off the Bluff Rd near Columbus KY. Dennis Walker and his dog Hot Rod are now buried side by side in Zion Cemetery in Hickman County.
This imageconveysrest
This imageshowsdog which hasName Hot Rod
This imagehasSettingporch
This imagedepictsDennis Walker
This imagehasSettingColumbus,_Kentucky
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This imagerightsCopyright 1976-2015 Family of Earl Warren, Jr.
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageDateCreated1976
This imagelocationDennis Walker porch
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagetechniquePhoto_film_techniques
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.
This imagehasSceneLocationColumbus, Kentucky