This imagetitleIron Bridge, Columbus KY, 1976
This imagecommentIn 1976 this old iron bridge crossed the Gulf Mobile & Ohio railroad tracks outside Columbus KY.
This imagedepictsbridge
This imageshowsarch
This imagehasArtisticElementvanishing point
This imagedepictsno people
This imagehasSettingColumbus
This imagehasSettingGulf, Mobile and Ohio
This imageisInGM&O
This imageisInGallery01
This imagerightsCopyright 2015 Family of Earl J. Warren, Jr.
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageDateCreated1976-01-01
This imageScene011000
This imagetechniquePhoto_film_techniques
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.
This imagehasSceneLocationColumbus, Ky