This imagetitleHitchhiker, Tallahassee FL
This imagecommentA man with a wooden leg hitchhikes on Capital Circle south in Tallahassee FL; 1970's
This imagehasSettingCapital Circle South
This imageshowssignage which says Resume Safe Speed
This imagedepictshitchhiker
This imagehasSettingTallahassee
This imagehasSettingNorth Florida
This imageshowsamputee
This imagerightsCopyright 1970-2018 Family of Earl J. Warren Jr.
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageDateCreated1973
This imagelocationCapital Circle South
This imageScene010300
This imageScene010600
This imageScene011100
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagetechniquePhoto_film_techniques
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.
This imagehasSceneLocationTallahassee, Florida