This imagesubjectGetting the vegetables to market.
This imagetitleMiller Life
This imagecomment "Old Man in Tallahassee Florida".
This imageshowsdirt road
This imageshowsRobert Jackson
This imagehasArtisticElementvanishing point
This imageshowsa wagon
This imageshowsa farmer
This imagehasSettingCrawfordville
This imageisInGallery01
This imagehasSettingNorth Florida
This imagerightsCopyright 1970-2018 Family of Earl J. Warren Jr.
This imageusageTermsNone (All rights reserved)
This imageDateCreated1976
This imagelocation
This imageScene010600
This imageScene010500
This imageScene011000
This imagetechniqueMonochrome_photography
This imagecreatorEarl J. Warren Jr.
This imagehasSceneLocationCrawfordville, Florida