Drawing of Bendigo made in 1851
Image from Articles on mining and geology reprinted from periodicals
Drawing of Bendigo made in 1851 Origin of Gold-Bearing Quartz on Bendigo Reefs Gold Quartz Reef Mining Bendigo, Australia Figure 14 Image taken from page 452 of '[Articles on mining and geology reprinted from periodicals.]' Title: "[Articles on mining and geology reprinted from periodicals.]" Author: RICKARD, Thomas Arthur. Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 07104.e.57." Page: 452 Place of Publishing: Victoria, British Columbia Date of Publishing: 1891 Issuance: monographic Identifier: 003098293 Note: The colours, contrast and appearance of these illustrations are unlikely to be true to life. They are derived from scanned images that have been enhanced for machine interpretation and have been altered from their originals. If you wish to purchase a high quality copy of the page that this image is drawn from, please order it here. Please note that you will need to enter details from the above list - such as the shelfmark, the page, the book's volume and so on - when filling out your order.
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