Hell Gate Bridge 6
The approach to the Hell Gate bridge in New York. As we approach, it's easy to tell that it's much smaller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was modeled after this one. (See my Australia photo sets.) Originally, I wasn't happy with the way the photo turned out (mostly due to the weather). After looking at it more, I think it captures the industrial grittiness of the era in which it was constructed. Plus, not many people can get this shot! (It's a shot from the cab of an Amtrak Acela train coming into New York.) Fix My Pic groupies: see Elmer Fishpaw's suggestions below for some ideas. I give you free reign, though, on how you want to interpret this! As a journalism major, I could take a digital imaging course to learn Photoshop, but as I don't need it for my degree and I'm almost graduated, I have to pass it up (for now). I'd still like to learn some basic Photoshop techniques, so if you could briefly (or in detail) outline the steps you take, I'd really appreciate it! Image provided by Yahoo!/Flickr and shared under a Creative Commons license for research purposes only.
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