Old 12-25 Express kiddie railroad engine, at the abandoned tourist trap of Santa Claus Land, Arizona - santaclaus06x
All aboard the Old 12-25! Santa Claus Land, Arizona. Located right off Highway 93 near the ghost town of Chloride, north of Kingman on the way to Las Vegas. Originally just a small-time filling station, the owners decided that a Christmas theme would bring in more customers -- and for several decades it did just that. From the 1930's through the 1970's, it was a destination spot for travellers, but slowly declined until it finally closed down. Now all that is left are three heavily-tagged buildings and a small kiddie-train out front. December 9, 2007. Photo #6 of 19 of my 'Santa Claus, Arizona' photo set. Update 8/08: This is my 18th photo to reach 100 views on Flickr! Image provided by Yahoo!/Flickr and shared under a Creative Commons license for research purposes only.
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