The Eden Project
The Eden Project is an exciting attraction where you can explore your relationship with nature, learn new things and get inspiration about the world around you. Here's some of what you'll find if you visit: 1) the world's largest rainforest in captivity with steamy jungles and waterfalls 2) cutting-edge architecture and buildings 3) stunning garden displays all year round 4) world-class sculpture and art 5) evening gigs, concerts and an ice rink in the winter 6) educational centre and demonstrations to inspire all ages 7) brilliant local, fairly traded food in the restaurants and cafes 8) a Rainforest Aerial Walkway, where you can take a stunning walk among the treetops 9) living example of regeneration and sustainable living 10) ride on our land train, often pulled by a tractor. Image provided by Yahoo!/Flickr and shared under a Creative Commons license for research purposes only.
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